Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “The Wild Whaling Life Lyrics” by an artist named BrhyM. It’s part of an album called “Deep Sea Vents,” released in 2024. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

The Wild Whaling Life Lyrics

I am a long mariner
Skin bones strength low
I am a fair sailor
Strength weak but spirits a go
(Bless my bless my soul)
Taking off for the lee shore
In search of the big one
An intrepid effort of the soul
Doing battle when the storms and raging seas come
I’m gonna leave it to the fates to the to the fates
Three goddesses control human destiny and life
One spins the thread of life one determines its length
One cuts it off it stops
It stops
Diving into the howling infinite sadly dashing upon the lee

When I push myself I feel prouder
I can scream just a little louder
This is what I chose for my life’s work
It’s the wild whaling life for me
Headwinds are far more common
Than winds from astern tale winds blow
But mostly Euroclydon blows
Like the Bible told
Startled by the cry so plaintively wild that great mass of death
That great mass of death floats on and on signs and wonders
Sinking down deep and deep infinite deep so deep deep deep deep

When I push myself I feel prouder
I can scream just a little louder
I’ll be floppin’ around on the open sea
It’s the wild whaling life for me

A mystical mystic ocean at my feet
I slot a barrel stave when singing a
Mordant stave of psalmody
Psalmody singing to the sea

I’ll be long gone for a year or three
So much more of the world to see
No comfort zone for me
It’s the wild whaling life

Lookin’ trollin’ lookin’ rollin’ hookin’
For the leviathan
For the leviathan


Song: The Wild Whaling Life
Artist: BrhyM
Album: Deep Sea Vents (2024)

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