Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “us. Lyrics” by an artist named Gracie Abrams Ft. Taylor Swift. It’s part of an album called “The Secret of Us” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by Aaron Dessner. while the lyrics were by Gracie Abrams & Taylor Swift, So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

us. Lyrics

[Verse 1: Gracie Abrams]
I know you know
It felt just like a joke
I show, you don’t
And now we’re talkin’
I know your ghost
I see her through the smoke
She’ll play her show
And you’ll be watchin’

[Pre-Chorus: Gracie Abrams]
And if history’s clear, someone always ends up in ruins
And what seemed like fate becomes “What the hell was I doin’?”
Babylon lovers hangin’ lifetimes on a vine (Ooh)
Do you miss mine?

[Chorus: Gracie Abrams & Taylor Swift]
Do you miss us, us?
I felt it, you held it, do you miss us, us?
Wonder if you regret the secret of us, us
Us (Us), us (Us), us (Us)

[Verse 2: Gracie Abrams, Gracie Abrams & Taylor Swift]
I know you know
It felt like somethin’ old
It felt like somethin’ holy, like souls bleedin’, so
It fеlt like what I’ve known
You’re twеnty-nine years old
So how can you be cold when I open my home?
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[Pre-Chorus: Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams & Taylor Swift]
And if history’s clear, the flames always end up in ashes
And what seemed like fate, give it ten months and you’ll be past it (You’ll be past it)
Babylon lovers hangin’ missed calls on the line
I gave you mine

[Chorus: Gracie Abrams & Taylor Swift]
Did you mind us, us?
I felt it, you held it, do you miss us, us?
Wonder if you regret the secret of us, us
Us (Us), us (Us), us (Us)

[Bridge: Gracie Abrams & Taylor Swift]
That night, you were talkin’ false prophets and profits
They make in the margins of poetry sonnets
You never read up on it, shame, could’ve learned somethin’
Robert Bly on my nightstand, gifts from you, how ironic
The curse or a miracle, hearse or an oracle
You’re incomparable, fuck, it was chemical
You (You) plus (Plus) me (Me) was

[Chorus: Gracie Abrams & Taylor Swift, Gracie Abrams]
Us, us, us
I felt it, you held it, do you miss us, us?
Wonder if you regret the secret of us, us
Mistaken for strangers the way it was, was
The pain of, the reign of, the flame of us, us
The outline, well, sometimes, do you miss us, us?
The best kind, well, sometimes, do you miss us?


Song: us.
Artist: Gracie Abrams Ft. Taylor Swift
Album: The Secret of Us (2024)
Music: Aaron Dessner
Lyrics: Gracie Abrams & Taylor Swift

Us. Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1:]
Gracie Abrams reflects on a past relationship that felt uncertain and unbalanced (“It felt just like a joke”). She acknowledges the presence of another woman (“your ghost”) and the tension it brings.


Reflects on the inevitability of relationships ending badly (“someone always ends up in ruins”) despite initial feelings of destiny. It questions the wisdom of past choices.


Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift wonder if their former partner misses the relationship (“Do you miss us, us?”) and if they regret keeping their love a secret (“the secret of us”).

[Verse 2:]

Revisits the intensity and significance of the relationship (“felt like somethin’ old… like souls bleedin'”). It questions how someone seemingly so cold (“how can you be cold when I open my home?”) could have been part of something so meaningful.


Taylor Swift adds perspective, likening the passionate flames of love to inevitable ashes, suggesting that what once felt fated eventually fades (“give it ten months and you’ll be past it”).


References conversations and gifts that were shared during the relationship. Mentions literary figures like Robert Bly, indicating deeper intellectual connections that were potentially overlooked or undervalued.


Repeats the longing and questioning from earlier choruses, highlighting the pain of separation (“the pain of, the reign of, the flame of us”). It reflects on the past (“the way it was, was”) and wonders if the other person occasionally misses what they had.

Overall, the song captures the bittersweet emotions of looking back on a love that was intense but ultimately flawed or unfulfilled. It blends personal reflections with universal themes of love’s complexities and the aftermath of romantic relationships.

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