Vic Chops Soul Lyrics by Humble Soles & VIC MENSA, from the album “Humble Soles“, music has been produced by VIC MENSA, Oz On The Track, Cesar & Subroza, and Vic Chops Soul song lyrics are penned down by VIC MENSA & DJ Clue.

Vic Chops Soul Lyrics

VIC MENSA, what’s up, baby?

Uh, I chop the sample, light a candle, let my mind ramble
Game of life, I had to learn to play without a manual (Uh-huh)
Caught the Roc, the sack came, now I’m tryna scramble
Underdog like the paws on a cocker spaniel
I was twenty-one or so when I got my deal
When you coming from dirt roads, you don’t know how to feel
That’s why niggas act out of pocket when they pocket mills
Crabs in a barrel, fighting over the lobster tails
That sounds ironic, doesn’t it?
Like dyin’ for your block over cheese from the government
Or crying to Allah, eating bologna sandwiches
In a jail cell, when you should bе in the Hamptons with all the superstars
Peepеd the market, took it over like the coupe d’état
First corporate trapper in the Chi’ with no suit and tie (Uh-huh)
Got ’em salty in that city by the lake, Utah
I put a couple cutie pies in an countach
I put a couple dozen pounds on a truck from Cali’
That got intercepted, that really hurt me badly
I was down bad that time I had to sell my Rollie
I know God love me, even though I’m less than holy (Slow)
I know Em love me ’cause he keep on bettin’ on me
I know HOV love me since he put that blessing on me
I got the Roc on my circle, holy matrimony
I’m matchmaking, get back, Satan, it’s true when you can’t fake it
It’s grueling, it’s back-breaking, the work is in tear-jerking, emerging a real person
I’m Al like Iverson, y’all artificial intelligence
I’m not a Christian, you gotta treat me with reverence

Fresh out the prison, I’m politicking with presidents
I’m diplomatic, sicker at it
Niggas ain’t really sick with it, they asymptomatic
I don’t stay at the Hilton, I take bitches to Paris
Champs-Élysées, Yves Salomon Mink
Three bitches give me brain, call that groupthink
Chain needed a new shrink, the pack crazy, it’s shrink wrap
They thought I’d never bring that shit back

But, I never give up, I never give in
I’m destined to win, the crucifix stretching my limbs
And still I prevail
Resurrect better than them
I had a ten-speed bike, I was pedaling sin
I seen the worst happen to some of the best of my friends
He never had heroes, he let the heroin in
Started off drug dealers and became drug users
The consequences real, but the fame is an illusion
The pain is in the music, the faith is in the movement
The shakers and the movers, the haters is intrusive
I take it with the game, I can’t say I didn’t choose it
I put my lifetime in between the paper’s line


Song: Vic Chops Soul
Artist: Humble Soles & VIC MENSA
Album: Humble Soles (2023)
Music: VIC MENSA, Oz On The Track, Cesar & Subroza
Lyrics: VIC MENSA & DJ Clue

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