Vitamins Lyrics by Marika Hackman, from the album “Big Sigh“.

Vitamins Lyrics

Mum says I’m a waste of skin
A sack of shit and oxygen
Empty seed in a can of earth
I’m a fucked up cradle for the afterbirth

But Dad thinks I could be something
If I eat my vitamins

I could be up in a hall of fame
But if we’re all special then we’re all the same
(We’re not special and we’re all the same)

Polly is in love with this
An exercise in stupidness
I will go down in a shower of flame
‘Cause I’m not special and you’re all insane
(We’re not special and we’re all the same)


Song: Vitamins
Artist: Marika Hackman
Album: Big Sigh (2024)

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