Walk The Line Lyrics by Quin NFN, from the album “Never On Time“, and Walk The Line song lyrics are penned down by Quin NFN.

Walk The Line Lyrics

Bust down a check got all my people
Ain’t nobody finna be left out
I got sum partners that’s dead, sum facing a bitch
They ain’t take care of they kids for they check out
No, we ain’t promising all so I’m going harder and harder
Say this with my chest out I ain’t tell ni**as to keep it 100 no more
‘Cause I did it before and got left down yeah

Separated from the fake shit
Turned up on ’em killed them with some kindness
These ni**as knocking the kid as if ain’t the hottest
Gonna turn up on them that’s a promise
Got ni**as still in the streets tryna beef over nonsense
They ain’t even seen them a profit
My young ni**a thuggin’ he strapped with a rocket
He’ll come slide if I send him a deposit, yeah

F*ck all the opps I’m the competition
Had to grind through time to get my position
Told my tee to hold on cause I got a mission
Not dirt but my diamonds be shining and hitting
Got sum bros up the road that I gotta visit
Ni**a play we draw down like a competition
Put the shit in they face now I got them dizzy
2-2-3 known to blow it’s gonna stop the vision

Didn’t have a car now
I got ni**as driving for me ’cause I got to the check
I got this money invested but I could’ve trip
And went bought me a flooded Patek
Been on their ass they can say we up next
We sending shots we ain’t sending no threats
Came in a rookie but spit like a vet
Did this shit on my own now I got ’em impressed
Now they like

I got a bubble coat to match the kit
I gave my partner choppers trying Biltz
I gave a Boujie hoe that got a bitch
I got Call of duty guns they got a switch
I sip a lot syrup I gotta piss
Lil bro strapped with a rocket but don’t know hoe flip
I’m shining a lot of diamonds on fist
I just spent a lot of dollars of my fit, yeah

Go get the check for my son and daughter
So every day I’m trying to get paid
We hit the streets and we flood
We just like a baby and dugg how them young ni**as get paid
I got whole lot of love lil bro sell a lot of drugs
But he just in the 10th grade he ain’t 100
That ni**a was bitch made so we kicked him out like a Sensi yeah

Double G’s only he play he goner
I did a feat for a lil marijuana
Remember they use to ignore us now they adore us
Porsche truck feel like Honda

All these ni**as is some losers
Play we’ll shoot ya like future we got to the commas
You ni**as money can’t f*ck with my mommas
Boss up take me a trip to Bahamas

These ni**as lyin’ and they known clappin’
We still in the streets we ain’t known rappin’
I just took me a trip got show for backin’
I just bought me a K with a shoulder strap
Really still in too far I brought Kobe back
I can’t f*ck with the kid momma told me that
I can’t f*ck with nobody that hold me back
Ni**as claimin’ but these ni**as owe me that
So they like

Eyes wide open all time
Won’t catch me slipping
Got survival on my mind
I know my heart & mind one of a kind
I walk the line
I walk the line, yeah


Song: Walk The Line
Artist: Quin NFN
Album: Never On Time (2023)
Lyrics: Quin NFN

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