We Got Married Twice (interlude) Lyrics by Ricky Montgomery, from the album “Rick“, music has been produced by Ricky Montgomery, and We Got Married Twice (interlude) song lyrics are penned down by Ricky Montgomery.

We Got Married Twice (interlude) Lyrics

We got married twice, we actually, the first time we- well I needed help with insurance, and I was getting there
And well he- he was concerned I didn’t have health insurance too
The day we got married though- he had- he had major, you know your dad had bad teeth ’cause he grew up in England
So I had taken him for like a double root canal with crown work
And your dad didn’t numb up easily, so they had given like enough-
Is this like a marriage story?
This is part of the marriage story
Okay go on
So anyway, then I brought him home, because I mean, they have to [?]
Well then, he ended up sleeping for a while, and then he woke up, he says “Oh my gosh, what time is it?”
And I told him the time, he says “We need to go for a ride”
I said “But- What are you talking about?”
He said “Please, I just need to go for a ride”
So I [?] your dad into the car, and he said “Let’s go to the park”
So we drove up to [?]
Standing in front of the statue was my friend [?] and another friend of ours, and we got married literally on the spot, in front of the statue, while your dad was coming off of his dental medication
Yeah so- But I didn’t tell anybody, I mean, I hadn’t told-
We didn’t tell anybody
But I- you know I got health insurance-


Song: We Got Married Twice (interlude)
Artist: Ricky Montgomery
Album: Rick (2023)
Music: Ricky Montgomery
Lyrics: Ricky Montgomery

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