Wet 4 Me Lyrics by Ace Hood, from the album “B.O.D.Y“, music has been produced by TraeWhatItDo & London Louis, and Wet 4 Me song lyrics are penned down by Ace Hood.

Wet 4 Me Lyrics

Are you a part of the culture?
Crazy how you do that with your body
Trae what it do

I fell in love with all you hidden spaces
Infatuated, drunk in love and I’m intoxicated
She so good I’m tryna find out when she ovulating
I got her mind and then her body came for confirmation
Goodness gracious, on that high I’m up like sixty levels
Super fly feel like I boarded Delta
I’m on my shit now even more than ever
Besides my bag I know I’m more than special
Ain’t no normal I been more than extra
Fine ass, red lipstick on your wine glass
Conversations while that grill [bass?]
I know she want her soul snatched
I’m too [?]
I’m way too potent for that fake gas
I hope she let me feel that, ’cause it’s them curves for me
The way you glow the way you flow shit it’s your courage for me
The way you swag and tote them bags, should buy that Benz lowkey
Man it’s your growth for me, only the best for me
Know that she’s a queen but she get naughty
Crazy how you do that with your body
I’m infatuated drive me crazy
You and I just [?] lady
Man it’s you sound for me, it’s your honesty
You so contagious I can’t take it it’s your vibe for me
How ’bout you slide on me, it’s your love for me
Is that wet for me, for me?
Is that wet for me, for me?
Is that wet for me, for me?

Tell me the truth. What you want me to do? Usually I’m apprehensive but it’s your confidence and charisma got me ready to be submissive. Got me ready to be your partner. Cater to everything that you missing, the way you talk the way you lead even the way your body feel next to me. I give you affirmations when you taste it. And you get your confirmation when I’m shaking. This too deep to just be lust we two souls getting reacquainted, this is sacred. You leave and my body craving. You leave and I want you to stay in. I got the names for our future babies, I already know what you want but it turn me on to hear you say it. Your love feel like vacation, you treat me like I’m delicate but your masculinity bring me safety


Song: Wet 4 Me
Artist: Ace Hood
Album: B.O.D.Y (2023)
Music: TraeWhatItDo & London Louis
Lyrics: Ace Hood

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