WHATEVER, MAN Lyrics by Airospace Ft. Chowerman, from the album “STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN“.


Aye, shout out my brother Dirty Gaugez, nasty on it
Kiddy sleeping in the background and shit

Hold up, drop in the middle of the roll-up, stop
Need all eyes on me
Told two Glocks, two pops, Tupac, who shot
Through the block in the hot DASP
Said I’d cop, slim my roll on top, swear to God I’ll be
Call out rocks, baby gon’ ride on cock
Then glide on them clouds around me
Swearing that I’m living it all and them nice niggas plotting to fuck on my shawty
I see that you holding her up on security
I promise on purity
I’ll surely put you and your mama and brother and father in 30-foot coffins
Meaning dismemberment, separate orphans
Never been one for the hate or extortion
I murder you fuckers, won’t pay at the port
Will adjourn on the basis I caught you trespassing
Your ass wrote a check that your cousin can’t cash
Put it on God if you serving my word
If I kill you, it’s gon’ be the last
Blowing your brains through your neck so you can’t talk outside of it
Might as well not bring you back
Heart on my shoulder, feds at the quarter
Looking for a martyr, meeting the quota
(?) I’m probably gonna make off at 40
She pulled out a pencil and shot through my morning
Exactly at 4:44, I’m resorting
To (?) avoiding it
Now her friend joining in

Nigga, fuck your fit
Nigga, fuck that bitch
I’ve been on my shit
I’ve been on my shit

Nigga, fuck your shit
I ain’t fuck your bitch
I’ve been on my shit
I’ve been on my shit

Chower, yo, yo
She wanna come to my crib, smoke blunts up
Tell her stop hanging ’round with those dumb fucks
Give me leng, full, under me, gumba
Do it ’til the sun’s up, phone’s up
Thinking, scheming, trying to get my funds up
Thinking, ‘Why is the world so unjust?’
Man, it’s fucked up, man, it’s fucked up
If you wanna be swinging out like a nunchuck
Fuck all your fears and anxiety
She give me head twice like a Siamese
I don’t need to come from the gym with some trouble
Got sparkling water and fire weed
Wish I could tell my brain, “No failing now”
But the truth is I can’t, it’s so tiring
As I get older, I’m trying to get with it
This chip on my shoulder like violin
Mandem and gyalem have trying to get ahold of me
But I’m on another play mode
When Chower and Airospace flow
There’s nobody better, a total leaf feather(?)
Cunt, making a song is the easiest bit
But the hardest bit is to convert it to cheddar
Still probably gonna do this forever
Won’t fade like I’m Hennes, (?) my breddas
Quit, I’ll never


Artist: Airospace Ft. Chowerman

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