Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Yours Forever & Ever Lyrics” by an artist named Jessica Mauboy. It’s part of an album called “Yours Forever,” released in 2024. while the lyrics were a collaboration between Jessica Mauboy, Styalz Fuego & Shungudzo. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

Yours Forever & Ever Lyrics

‘Til the sun burns out till the sky falls down
’Til the quiet sings loud, Heaven on Earth now
In the next lifetime when we lock eyes
You know I’m yours forever

And you’ll be mine mine mine (Ah-ha)
And you’ll be mine mine mine (Ah-ha)
And you’ll be mine mine mine (Ah-ha)
You know I’m yours forever


Song: Yours Forever & Ever
Artist: Jessica Mauboy
Album: Yours Forever (2024)
Lyrics: Jessica Mauboy, Styalz Fuego & Shungudzo

“Yours Forever & Ever Lyrics” by Jessica Mauboy is a beautiful song about eternal love. The lyrics express a deep commitment to staying together no matter what challenges come their way. Jessica sings about enduring love that lasts until the end of time, even when the world seems to be falling apart. With catchy phrases like “You’ll be mine mine mine,” the song celebrates the unbreakable bond between two people. It’s a reminder that true love knows no bounds and that no matter what happens, they belong to each other forever. So, if you’re looking for a heartfelt melody, give this song a listen!

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