Bop It! Lyrics by BabyTron, Drego & Beno, from the album “MegaTron 2“, and Bop It! song lyrics are penned down by BabyTron, Drego & Beno.

Bop It! Lyrics

Bitch, let me see that shit you doin’ all on TikTok
Lil’ baby, she a freak, she ride the dick up to the tip-top
Lil’ brodie, he a demon, killin’ shit right in his flip-flops
Let off sixty, just a pitstop
She see me on and off the road, she wanna dickride
Pocket full of blue faces like I’m Chrisean
Pour out some syrup for the guys, I swear I miss mine
Put a bitch on the curb, I’ma serve, I’ma swerve
Man, I gotta move this work, yeah, I trap the first to third
Hit a bitch from the ‘burbs ’cause her daddy got the birds
f*ck with mines, we gon’ purge, we gon’ put you on a shirt
Grab a pop, I got drop, it don’t stop
On thе block where it’s hot
Try to pull up, boy, and catch a hundred shots
Can I see you pop, drop? Show mе how you ride a cock (Right, mwah)
I been doin’ it since a kid, I can show you how to cop (I can show you how to cop)

I can show you how to shop, I can’t show you how to stop
Go ‘head, pour it in a pop, bro ‘nem loadin’ up the chops
They like, “Bro, you hot,” switch on every Glock
This my favorite f*ckin’ thot, put her on every opp
Granny mad at cuddy ’cause he f*cked up every pop
Switchy on the blicky, we trippin’ in every shop
I got two, three spots, pick and choose, you wanna cop
Sellin’ dope, yup, since a kid, teach you how to make somethin’ lock
Tell that bitch to kick some rocks unless she givin’ top
Tell that bitch to kick some rocks unless she get the drop
Gold 41, it look like a Grammy
I told her, “If we get pulled over, put this in your panties”
Playin’ TRX, already pulled up in the Chally
I keep one up top, so it’s gon’ make it hard to hat me
She wanna f*ck, she a tuck
Duck smooth as f*ck
I’m the type to run up five hundred and cop Ferrari truck
We’ll blow the party up, why you got your Cartis tucked?
Only hittin’ Barbie sluts, buyin’ all the Marni stuff
Bitch, we been bought all the Cartis up
Got this mink out of Narnia
Got these freaks on the party bus
We pull up, turn the party up
Out the way, I stay far as f*ck
Wouldn’t play, wouldn’t start with us
We’ll pull through and spark it up
Let me see your arch and lift it up
Park his shit and hit him up
I don’t care if he was ridin’ with Jesus, do it look like I give a f*ck?
I’ll hop on the back of a Cheetah, boy, for them Milwaukee Bucks
Brodie caught him one, caught him one, he just caught him one

I got a bitch out of town, you know I’ma trip with her
Make it squirt, make it cream, she can do some tricks with it
Got a play on the block, so I had to quick-hit it
He said he ’bout to pull up, oh shit, I gotta quick-hit it


Song: Bop It!
Artist: BabyTron, Drego & Beno
Album: MegaTron 2 (2023)
Lyrics: BabyTron, Drego & Beno

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