Yakuza Lyrics by BabyTron Ft. Fordio, J1Hunnit, MJPAID & ScrumbleMan, from the album “MegaTron 2“, music has been produced by Damjonboi & Lando Bando, and Yakuza song lyrics are penned down by BabyTron, Fordio, J1Hunnit, MJPAID & ScrumbleMan.

Yakuza Lyrics

(It’s Lando, your bitch know, don’t let your bitch go, ni**a)
Dog Shit Militia

Should I mix the ‘Pane with the Quag’? Been contemplatin’
If it’s drank or the shippin’, that’s the only time I’m waitin’
I’m impatient, I just add the VPN so they can’t trace it
Tryna find a way to profit, I’m not with the conversation
Exotic from Rozay, it’s hittin’ too damn hard, I think he laced it
I peep you be hesitatin’, please pass me my medication

You would think that I was Jason
Hop up out his bushes, chase him
Roll my problems up and face ’em
Keep the blicky, heard they hate him
Dirty bitches, man, who raised ’em?
Rats, snitches, why they make ’em?
Why my roster trippin’ like I won’t turn around and replace ‘еm?
In the pen’, he got a shank, a monkеy probably would’ve Drac’d ’em
Any given night, might pop out with a fifty, Jayson Tatum

All this dog shit, I need Charmin
I like my cup red, election
Roll his face on chocolate, Nestlé
Rockstar lifestyle, Elvis Presley
Perc’ look like the script, he pressed him
One-of-one jeans full of Jacksons, Jessie
Screwed-up pint, my cup from Texas
I kick shit like Lionel Messi
Rap shit just a lil’ occupation
Dope dealin’ was my main profession
Wool-knit pulled down over my eyes
Supreme beanie on, lookin’ like a Mexican

Leave New Orleans and I’m feelin’ like a Pelican
He don’t bust blicks, ni**a celibate
I just took a sip of that ‘Pane, this shit potent and elegant
Smokin’ exotic, Cali shit so loud, they smellin’ it (Shit)
Feelin’ like ‘019, MJ back in his element
Ni**as ain’t sippin’, they sellin’ it
Don’t gotta hit the pharm’, bro mailin’ it
Found a new jugg, I’m passin’ it
Ni**as not hip, ni**as not intelligent

I’m facin’ this eight, I ain’t sellin’ it
Dog shit on me like I won a settlement
Bitch got brain like Thomas Edison
Pour ten lines in the cream, don’t measure it
Jefe outside with the blick, they won’t let him in
I done did lot of shit, I ain’t never went
Bitch pussy A1, her shit heaven-sent
Geeked up, pink ten like it boost my intelligence
Find a new ghost town, we break it in
Slam dunk on a bitch, I’ll break the rim
In the water with sharks, it’s sink or swim
Chain glow in the dark, they like, “Who is him?”

Told that bitch I can’t cuff her, I like to f*ck other women
Let my ho shop at Neimans, we don’t go to Lululemon
Dog shit in my pocket, spend it
Pussy for sale, I might just rent it
Performin’ at a show, while I’m onstage rappin’
Fans pullin’ on my denim
Say she want a ring, told that bitch I am not Green Lantern
The only thing I think about is should I play the Bimmer or the Phantom?

I ain’t have much as a kid, so I’m juggin’ with a passion
Workin’ magic, if I got a hat, I’m pullin’ out a rabbit (Voila)
Twenty-eight grams of Scallion, I come Hutch 3D medallion (Ice)
Gotta know I’m beatin’ the case, I ain’t f*ckin’ with feds, they caught me on camera
Pour me a four in a Fanta, eat with the switch like, “Bitch, where my manners?” (Come on)
Say you smokin’ ‘za, but you really blowin’ dandruff (Bammer)

Long live $cammer


Song: Yakuza
Artist: BabyTron Ft. Fordio, J1Hunnit, MJPAID & ScrumbleMan
Album: MegaTron 2 (2023)
Music: Damjonboi & Lando Bando
Lyrics: BabyTron, Fordio, J1Hunnit, MJPAID & ScrumbleMan

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