Forever (Interlude) Lyrics by Maurice Moore, from the album “I Need Space.“, music has been produced by Maurice Moore, and Forever (Interlude) song lyrics are penned down by Maurice Moore & Charlie Stardom.

Forever (Interlude) Lyrics

Girl, you got that new car smell and the seats ain’t even broken in
I just wanna show you that I’m so grateful, where do I begin?
Every man want you, it don’t get under my skin (Skin, skin)
Girl, I’m about to rock you slowly until the sun is creepin’ in (Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh)
Don’t say what you want (What you want)
I already know, baby
Just go with the flow
You won’t let go with me
Left my baggage in the past, I don’t miss it
Pace myself, don’t wanna crash when Im’ in it
Show me all your beauty marks, I’ma kiss it
This is where forever starts
Oh, oh, ooh-woah
Oh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh


Song: Forever (Interlude)
Artist: Maurice Moore
Album: I Need Space. (2023)
Music: Maurice Moore
Lyrics: Maurice Moore & Charlie Stardom

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