Lucid Lyrics by Maurice Moore & Mikaela Archondakis, from the album “I Need Space.”, music has been produced by LaGuil, and Lucid song lyrics are penned down by Maurice Moore & Fiction.

Lucid Lyrics

Found a broken heart an the lost and found (Lost and found)
Hasn’t been the same since you came around (Woah)
All the other girls are so watered down you
Bloodhounds on the hunt, they surroundin’ you
Covered both my eyes with some cellophane (Cellophane)
And I can find you in any crowded place (Crowded place)
Sensory deprivation ain’t gon’ change a thing (No)
My peripherals’ll light the way to you (Light the way to you)
Tryna concentrate on you (On you)
You made every dark corner that used to hurt illuminate for you

And whеn the sky crumbles into piecеs
And we all float in the atmosphere
You”ll be the only thing I see so clear (Yeah)
‘Cause you appear lucid

Every love I ever had turned to breakin’ up
These bitches all be actin’ shady when they drink too much (Drink too much)
This was the only time I thought we might be good enough (Good enough)
You gave me reason to believe that you might be the one
Heartbreak my biggest teacher
The truth is I’m a cheater
I told her it was only one night, it kept repeatin’ (Yeah)
I told so many lies that I started to believe them
I’d say go through my phone, knowin’ the texts was all deleted (Oh)

And when the sky crumbles into pieces
And we all float in the atmosphere
You”ll be the only thing I see so clear (Ooh, damn)
‘Cause you appear lucid


Song: Lucid
Artist: Maurice Moore & Mikaela Archondakis
Album: I Need Space. (2023)
Music: LaGuil
Lyrics: Maurice Moore & Fiction

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