Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “​goreblog Lyrics” by an artist named 8485 Feat. ​bod [包家巷] (USA) & Glasear. It’s part of an album called “software gore,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by ​bod [包家巷] (USA) & Glasear, while the lyrics were a collaboration between Trinket X, ​bod [包家巷] (USA) & Glasear. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

​goreblog Lyrics

Looked around for a car crash
Pulled aside for a carcass instead
We got out to take pictures
It was bleeding from its mouth
When i don’t think you can hear me
I can’t speak i can’t breathe out
I don’t like where i’m sleeping
But i don’t think i can leave now

We counted its ribs where most of the skin had withered away
Some crushed by tires like the ones we drive on
It can’t be long since it was alive last and now it’s not
As you lean down and over
Pinch your screen to look closer
Abstract the form more and more
It is itsеlf no longer

For website cеnsors rendered
They would be none the wiser
It is itself no longer
It is itself no longer

Play shock rock in the summer
When the windows can come down
Like to keep the car running
When you park it in some town
Smaller than where they kept you
Am i someone you trust now?
I know who you wish death to
And we can work it out somehow

Somehow i never asked you
Your name or current address
Somehow it doesn’t matter
Somehow i have no interest
From workplace doxxing efforts
Shielded by holy water
We are ourselves no longer
We are ourselves no longer


Song: ​goreblog
Artist: 8485 Ft. ​bod [包家巷] (USA) & Glasear
Album: software gore (2024)
Music: ​bod [包家巷] (USA) & Glasear
Lyrics: Trinket X, ​bod [包家巷] (USA) & Glasear

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