Hey there, I want to tell you about a cool song called “Something bad Lyrics” by an artist named ​blackwinterwells & 8485. It’s part of an album called “software gore,” released in 2024. The music for this track was created by blackwinterwells, while the lyrics were by Trinket X. So, if you’re into music, this might be something you’d enjoy checking out!

​Something bad Lyrics

I did something bad
Think I did something I shouldn’t have
Underneath my bed in my head and my pockets and bags
I’m doing something bad
Everything I have is stolen swollen in the open air

You let it happen again
And it gets worse every time
Thought you know how to say when
Thought you drew some kind of line in the sand
The foundation is flooding
My days wasted scrubbing the stained walls meant nothing I guess

So what else is left?
Open the vault take it all off your chest
Put it all on my shoulders
It’s all that I’m for
I don’t think that it’s you in this room anymore

Wе are ourselves no longеr
We are ourselves no longer

I did something bad
Think I did something I shouldn’t have
I don’t wanna lie anymore
Please don’t cry don’t be sad
But I’m doing something bad
Everything I have I stole
I’m sorry sorry sorry

I’m giving you advice here. I’m giving you a chance ’cause you’re a kid
You don’t wanna sit here and try and protect him! He didn’t do it for you


Song: Something bad
Artist: blackwinterwells & 8485
Album: software gore (2024)
Music: ​blackwinterwells
Lyrics: Trinket X

The lyrics depict someone grappling with guilt and the consequences of their actions. In the intro, the speaker acknowledges doing something wrong, feeling the weight of their misdeeds. They confess to harboring stolen goods and feeling the burden of their actions. As the verses unfold, there’s a sense of repeated mistakes and escalating consequences, symbolized by flooded foundations and wasted efforts. The dialogue between two voices suggests a shared burden, with one pleading for honesty and the other acknowledging their wrongdoing and remorse.

The bridge underscores a loss of identity amidst guilt and the changing nature of the self. In the outro, there’s a plea for forgiveness mingled with a recognition of the harm caused. The speaker’s apology and admission of wrongdoing echo throughout the song, culminating in a heartfelt expression of regret and a desire for redemption. It reflects the struggle of owning up to one’s mistakes and seeking reconciliation despite the pain caused.

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