Talkin Lyrics by Alex Vaughn, from the album “The Hurtbook“, music has been produced by DJ Camper, and Talkin song lyrics are penned down by Alex Vaughn & Jozzy.

Talkin Lyrics

I hate what I’m hearin’
It was all good just a week ago
Now it’s goin’ somewhere unknown
Somewhere unknown, yeah
Now these people around me
Ask if I’m hearin’ the shit that you’re sayin’
Like we ended on bad terms, ooh, yeah
Oh, you want clout so you mention my name
If I knew that this was who you were then
Would’ve kept on curvin’
Now I won’t stoop to your level, let’s pull out receipts
Boy, you know I’ve got several
But I don’t wanna play your games
If you not talkin’ to me, don’t start talkin’ ’bout me, yeah, ooh
Just make sure you not fuckin’ with me
Don’t start talkin’ ’bout me, yeah, woah
I got so much things to say, oh
If you not talkin’ to me, don’t start talkin’ ’bout me


Song: Talkin
Artist: Alex Vaughn
Album: The Hurtbook (2022)
Music: DJ Camper
Lyrics: Alex Vaughn & Jozzy

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