Twenty-Three Lyrics by Lil Kayla, from the album “Who is Lil Kayla?”.

Twenty-Three Lyrics

Uh (x10 I think)

Lil kayla wassup

Hoes playing crazy, thinkin they can fuck with me (crazy)
Who don’t got what? bitches can’t even nut? 50?
All my bitches real bad, you won’t see a duck with me (nah)
& every nigga that I came up with, stuck with me (stuck with me)
I can show y’all hoes some shit you never seen (y’all never seen)
This little ? playing shit but it’s a lean
(but issa lean)
I keep these niggas out my mix, been movin mean
See this face? it ain’t no playing in my shit & that’s the thing
I tell a nigga come correct or don’t come next (or don’t come next)
Make ‘em come & eat my pussy with just one text (one tеxt)
Tell the nigga keep on suckin I ain’t cum yet (hold onnnn) baе don’t move your tongue yet I ain’t done yet

Some niggas don’t last that long, you know I had other niggas save that sad ass song
Met a nigga from new york & his batman wong
He been on me, might as well & go add that on
(add that on)
Niggas just come & go that’s just how it go
With that tongue he a pro, don’t ask me how I know
I know that nigga be on go, we just trying & roll?
My little bitch be in them stores, she just trynna pole?
Gave him my addy, told him focus on me
Been lookin good with all this motion on me
I like this nigga, think he put a lil potion on me
& when we fuck, pussy wet like the ocean, on me (like the ocean, on me)
Where the niggas at? there’s way too many hoes in here
Lookin good as fuck, I barely got clothes on here (barely got clothes on here)
I ran it up so I ain’t gotta hit no stores this year (nah)
Been going crazy I might pull up in a rolls this year
Had to switch the program up they can’t talk to me (can’t talk to me)
I put people in positions just to talk to me (talk to me)
& if it’s urgent, just hit dee he run it all to me (run it all to me)
I told him don’t be stingy with that dick, give it all to me (give it all to me)
Yeah I like the type of niggas who be stalking me (who be stalking me)
He block my insta just to come & re-follow me (just to come & re-follow me)
You gotta a check? trynna invest? bet it all on me
Speakin of the nigga, here he go right here callin me
It didn’t happen over night, it took years for this shit
I ain’t gon hold you, I put blood, sweat & tears into this shit
Fuck being humble I done passed all my peers in this shit
One crazy & the clutch switchin gears in this shit
I ain’t gon lie the nigga suck me good as fuck
So every time he call I’m fasho-ly pulling up
Feel like skilla all my niggas really 26 & up
Shoutout dallas & asylum cause they really put it up (YUP!)


Song: Twenty-Three
Artist: Lil Kayla
Album: Who is Lil Kayla? (2023)

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