MOTHERLESS Lyrics by Killer Mike & Eryn Allen Kane, from the album “MICHAEL“, music has been produced by No I.D., and MOTHERLESS song lyrics are penned down by Killer Mike, No I.D., Dammo Farmer, Warryn Campbell & Eryn Allen Kane.



My mama dead (My mama dead)
My grandmama dead (Dead)
To keep it honest, I get depressed and be feelin’ scared (Sometimes, I)
You see, I won’t prepare it (Yeah)
And never will be (Never will be)
To think about your death, Denise, sometimes, it kill me (Sometimes, I)
You won’t believe it, mama
I achieved it, mama
I turned these hatin’ ass people to believеrs, mama (Sometimes, I)
A Black boy born to a teen mama, mama
Gets rеgarded as a leader by his people, mama (Sometimes, I)
If God set me back to normal to be next to you
I would gladly trade it all ’cause I be missin’ you (Some, sometimes, I)
I be missin’ huggin’ you, I miss kissin’ you
I miss all the jewels and I miss all your wisdom too (Some, some, sometimes, I)
Some days, I be mean as fuck, and I be meaner too (Oh, oh, oh)
Fussin’, fightin’ over fuck shit that be minuscule (Sometimes, I)
Shay and Taj tell me that’s just the Denice in you (I need you, mother)
And then send both your daughters, Mikey and Anniah too

Sometimes, I feel
Motherless (Mother, mother)

My mama dead (My mama dead, I need you)
Her mama dead (Her mama dead)
Her mama died in my arms, my ma said that wasn’t fair (Oh, mother, mother)
Her mama raised me, I told her she crazy (Sometimes, I need ya)
She told me, “One day, I’m gon’ be gone, Micheal, you gon’ see” (Mother, mother)
“That my mama wanted you, but you belong to me” (Amen, sometimes)
And you don’t understand the sacrifice that took from me (Amen, sometimes, I feel)
Like, pullin’ up on Sunday nights
Just to tell you I apologize, and mama, you was right (I need you, sometimes, I feel)
Like a hole in my heart (Pray for me), and I wanna call the Lord
But I don’t know where to start

Sometimes, I feel (You used to pray for me)
Motherless (Oh, oh)

My mama dead
My grandmama dead (Mama)
I miss ’em so much, sometimes, I just cry and hold my head (Mama, mama)
They left the world of man, like me and make sure all prepared (Sometimes)
To live a life to make sure my wife ain’t gon’ beg for bread (Sometimes, I need you)
I got an altar in my home to honor both of ’em (Mother)
Just this mornin’, I was smokin’, smoked to both of ’em (Sometimes, I need you)
I asked Betty for her prayers over my generation (Mother)
And I asked Niecy, “Keep me through my trials and tribulations” (Sometimes)
Death’ll come like thief in night and steal your joy away (And sometimes)
Have you askin’, “God, why You forsake your boy, today?” (I said, “Sometimes”)
Is this a blessing or a curse, or just some other shit? (Sometimes, I need)
No matter what, I’m numb as fuck ’cause I’m still motherless (You)

My mama dead
My grandmama dead (Sometimes, I need you)
My mama dead
My grandmama dead
Sometimes, I feel (You used to pray for me)
Motherless (Oh, oh)
My mama dead
My grandmama dead (Mama, mama, mama)

Sometimes (Ooh)
Sometimes, I need you, mother (Ooh)
Sweet (Sometimes)
Sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet
Sweet, sweet, sweet
Denice, sweet
Sweet, sweet, sweet
Sweet mama

The rawness of happiness, especially coming from that struggle
You know what I’m sayin’?
And how you can work together through struggle and how you grow from struggle
Because that makes other things better in everything
If it’s a sports team, you get two or three different great ones and they work – I swear to God, it works with everything


Artist: Killer Mike & Eryn Allen Kane
Album: MICHAEL (2023)
Music: No I.D.
Lyrics: Killer Mike, No I.D., Dammo Farmer, Warryn Campbell & Eryn Allen Kane

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