TALK’N THAT SHIT! Lyrics by Killer Mike, from the album “MICHAEL“, music has been produced by DJ Paul & TWhy, and TALK’N THAT SHIT! song lyrics are penned down by Killer Mike.


I just need someone to help me stay awake
Because evidently, Killer Mike has gone to sleep
(DJ Paul)
(TWhy, you did it, you heard?)

Niggas talk to me about that woke-ass shit
Same niggas walkin’ on some broke-ass shit
You see, your words ain’t worth no money, I ain’t spoke back, bitch
All of you niggas hang together on some Brokeback shit
Really, y’all niggas some hoes, on some ho-ass shit
Look at me and take a picture, on some Kodak shit
What you see is a G and you envy that shit
I can see it in your eyes like an envious bitch
I’m in rooms with politicians talking business and shit
Hear you come with your opinion, ain’t solicit that shit
Lola hit up DJ Paul, went to Memphis and shit
Pause, rest in peace to Lord Infamous, bitch
I’m so underground, I move like Pimp C in this bitch
I bob and weave and bust on beats like Bun B in this bitch
I’m feeling like I’m Tony Draper, Ball and G in this bitch
On fire like Hot Boy Juvi’, four hundred degrees in this bitch

[Part 2]

All that chatter that you chatter ’bout my matter just don’t matter
I don’t— I don’t forth and backer, I clack-clacka-rata-tata
Could be blacker, could be cracker
It’s whatever, that’s whenever
Sprinkle salt, I spray pepper
You play bad, I go evil
I know folk, I know people
I’m the shit, I go fecal
You a leech, I’m a leader
Humble down, we ain’t equal
Kill your master, slap your sifu
I’m rich rollin’, true blue regal
I keep a stick, don’t take shit, and that .223 is lethal

[Part 3]

Black Boulé hate me
I’m too cool, AC
I don’t give a fuck if weed gettin’ legal if none of my niggas ain’t free
Ayy, I don’t give a fuck who the president is if the president ain’t for me
You ain’t never met a nigga like me
I’m a bad nigga, I’m Stagger Lee
I’m a Morehouse man, Spike Lee
Dope man with a plan, Fat Steve
I kill ’em, I’m Hosea Williams
Unbought, unbossed, I’m chillin’
Tryna get it out the mud off the muscle
Tryna get it like the late Herman Russell
I’m yearning like Alonzo Herndon
I’m the new Q-Ball, I’m earning
First rule you better understand
You dealing with a real Black man
If I said it, I meant it, I meant it like I said it ’cause I said what I said, understand?
So stay in your place, lil’ man
Commentin’ on the TV channel
I guarantee you never seen a nigga like me ’cause they only make these in Atlanta


Artist: Killer Mike
Album: MICHAEL (2023)
Music: DJ Paul & TWhy
Lyrics: Killer Mike

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