SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS Lyrics by Killer Mike Ft. André 3000, Future & Eryn Allen Kane, from the album “MICHAEL“.


Ooh, hey-hey-hey, ooh, hey
Ooh, hey, ooh, hey, ooh, hey
Standin’ in the rain, watchin’ her best friend
And she ain’t the same
Spin one time, then spin again (Spin again)
[?] never had

Communication comin’ in
Too much that I can’t communicate with all of them
I do wish I had scientist and engineer friends
Let’s go, get out of here, petrol is cheaper than it’s ever been
And then, who’s to say when all would end?
All I know is when the portrait painted, bеtter have your portion of the rеnt
A dollar more and you will get upgraded when you’ve think you’ve made it, you are then
Just tolerate it, overrate it, hope I’m eighty when I get my second wind
Small potatoes all I ate before potato chips would cut my corner lips
Operator, operator, I’ma pray that you connect me to a SIM
A sacrilegious happy or camo’ or [?] half over hips
I stand on a stampede of happily happenings, dabblin’ into obliv’
V on eon, me and Deon, and yes, be honest, you promise that you will live
Do somethin’ or they gon’ forget, pajamas, feel like a kid
Cucumber would make a trip, [?] split
Proof is not collective shit, you can have too many, bitch
Rebellious like an itch
Or I’ma live forever

Gotta see if I can take it up
I got the streets in a headlock
Flock, takin’ you skydive
Speedin’, I got your man stumped
Soon as the door on the Range Rover
You [?] on the town, then man up
I could’ve been wearin’ a [?]
One of these odd niggas took a gamble (Took a gamble)
Tryna fuck [Kim?], bring ’em all out, tryna fuck on cameras
I can keep shit loaded like a vandal (Loaded like a vandal)
I’m ’bout to turn a trap house to a ranch, yeah
Watch me, watch the world, take my bread and vanish it
It’s ’bout a billion outcast in the world, but made me this
White socks, see the flips, Chanel vintage, tell a friend
I’ma live, I’ma live forever

Music, computers and robbers and looters
And losers with shooters, and shooters with Rugers
And shooters with Rugers, CDs with my two-piece
It might take your top off, terrible [?]
You will get locked if you kill in America
Be celebrated like Captain America
Fuck it, I’m winnin’, let’s get it, there’s niggas and negros [?] in Atlanta
Man, I’m a villain with killin’
So I’m never chillin’, I gotta make millions
I used to be dope with the dealin’, but that got ’em sellin’
And we know the usual endin’
Get paper, get rich, they gon’ bitch, they gon’ feel it
Gon’ snitch and then fuck up they family and friends
We all go to Germany, earn me a couple of millions, return with a couple of pennies
Or go to Brazil and just kick it and chill ’til I’m over the hill and still fuckin’ on women
The world got no mercy, so I had to show ’em
Right person with me, just pay me no image
A hundred percentage authentic, see I got no gimmicks, so I ain’t protectin’ no image
My style original, pivotal, we goin’ digital, niggas been blockin’ for a minute
I’m a menace that’s movin’ off interest
I promise my opp that my anger is endless
It ain’t enough that I took out my opp and his block
We burned down his whole fuckin’ village
Diddy was smilin’ and grinnin’, it was my pleasure to see that this fuck nigga finished
You get offended, then fuck it, my nigga
I’m with it, I’m hittin’, let’s get this shit in
Back then, fuck then, back in the club
The bottles and bubbles matches the rug
Look at me bitch, look at me, look at me bitch
Look at the crooked me bitch
Look at me, hittin’ with crooked they are
Got you walkin’ crippled, and they should be bookin’
They should be bookin’, we know what they want
I feel lonely as long as I don’t
Kickin’ the jam, collectin’ my bag
I’m talkin’ minute, ain’t talkin’ for a million
Every day [?]
I do not move like no regular Joe
I do not want no regular hoe, I do not wish for no regular life
I did not marry a regular wife
You think that I’m losin’? You smokin’ the pipe

I’ma live, I’ma live forever
I’ma live, I’ma live forever
[?] guarantee
Standin’ in the rain, watchin’ her best friend
And she ain’t the same
Spin, then spin again
I’ma live, I’ma live forever
I’ma live, I’ma live forever


Artist: Killer Mike Ft. André 3000, Future & Eryn Allen Kane
Album: MICHAEL (2023)

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