YES! Lyrics by Killer Mike, from the album “MICHAEL (Deluxe)“, music has been produced by MenaceTheDJ, and YES! song lyrics are penned down by Killer Mike, Jason Cannon, Justin Rhodes & Milton Biggham.

YES! Lyrics

And when he has tried me
I shall come forth as pure gold
Have you been tried in the fire?
Have you been tried in the fire?
Well, tell me
Did you come through as pure gold?

You kick it like the benefactor’s benefactor (Yes!)
Well, truthfully, we know you never been a factor (Yes!)
Well, honestly, the truth is that you’ve been an actor (Yes!)
And now your actions got them boys ’bout to mass up (Yes!)
Lectures from the devil got you pipin’ hot (Yes!)
Fuck this up, and you get screwed and chopped, no Michael Watts (Yes!)
When I was ten, I used to freestyle in the parking lot
Now everything I used to rap about, I really got
I went and got my digits up
Your favorite nigga’s midget, bruh
You don’t want no trouble, cuh
The twenty-fifth, I got a meeting with the governor (For real)
The shit I’m rappin’ ’bout, I am not cappin’ ’bout (For real)
I used to trap from Faron down to Camelot (For real)
I used to whip up coke in my granny’s pot
She asked my friends, was I sellin’, they said, “Nope, he not” (It is)
Them niggas lyin’ to a prayin’ woman
The truth a heavy burden and it’s weighin’ on me (Yes!)
Red doggies caught me slippin’, went to wailin’ on me
I went to callin’ out to Jesus like a reverend, homie (Yes!)
Chalked it up to sin, took it on my chin (Yes!)
Gotta take some L’s if you wanna win (Yes!)
They took a nigga bomb, but didn’t take us in (Yes!)
I didn’t even have no re-up I could re-up with (Yes!)
Had to rob another dealer just to re-up shit (Yes!)
Prayed to God that in his heart, he find forgiveness for me (Yes!)
It was nothin’ personal, it was just business for me
When I got on, I paid him back, and told him shit was ugly
I’d rather ask forgiveness like a hundred times
Then be askin’ for permission in a begger’s line
‘Cause of who I be and check out who I tend to mine
I got a partner who don’t eat no pork at dinner time
But let you act like you gon’ ever hurt a inch of mine
He have your woman hogtied up and that’s by dinner time
I keep my eyes on glory, tell the devil get behind
Now bear in mind, the devil made me offers I declined
We not aligned, not combined, I am not confined
To any wicked system that these demons have designed (Yes!)
They flame of mine’ll have you salty as a bacon rind
I’m tryna mastermind how to help out human kind (Yes!)
I’m open mind, but I do not walk with none aligned (Yes!)
My state of mind is to keep a piece for peace of mind (Yes!)
I’m like Malcolm with my piece set of Venetian blinds (Yes!)
I’m tryna manifest some things of my subconscious mind (Yes!)
That I have only seen in dreams of my unconscious mind (Yes!)
My dreams are unrefined, swing them out of state of mind (Yes!)
That make you sing, “This lucky life of mine is predesigned”
And if it is, then thank the Lord ’cause that’s the mastermind

This Lord, oh, yes, Lord
Yes, Lord, yes, Lord


Song: YES!
Artist: Killer Mike
Album: MICHAEL (Deluxe) (2023)
Music: MenaceTheDJ
Lyrics: Killer Mike, Jason Cannon, Justin Rhodes & Milton Biggham

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